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S h a n e
M a j o r s
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As an artist, I create objects and imagery. Like any of us, I am directly affected by my surrounding environment and the current situations of my life. For instance, if I'm in a sentimental mood I'll do a beautiful portrait or landscape to reflect it, if I feel cut off from friends or my creativity I'll do a series of tree stumps, or if I feel self-reflective I'll do a self portrait series. From these, concepts are born. I can't say that I use only one medium; I listen to what the concept tells me and I follow it. Sometimes a body of work can consist of multiple mediums - an exploration of manipulation and effect. How can one subject be translated and transformed from medium to medium and what emotional effect does it have on the viewer? In my work, experimentation is essential. I have a core group of medium and try to find other materials that I can combine to create something new, all the while maintaining my aesthetic standard of beauty and craftsmanship. I believe there to be a fine balance between concept and craftsmanship; they should be equally strong. It is the combination of all these qualities that I strive to achieve in my work.
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